Cristy and John Cole

In 1998, my husband and I purchased a lot in Tempe and decided to build a new custom home. We had built track homes before and the process of actually hiring a contractor and going through the whole custom home process seemed overwhelming. During the mortgage process for the lot, our lender suggested we give Steve a call and interview him for the job. Our lender described what he had learned about Steve from other customers and from his own experience and since he was so highly recommended, we decided to give Steve a call. After meeting Steve and his wife Debbie and visiting their home, we hired Steve on the spot.

Steve spent time with me helping in the home design with the details that would make the building process easier. I believe that this really streamlined construction and prevented changes during the home building process. We then spent quality time before construction making design choices in order to have an accurate estimate of the construction costs.

Construction of the house began and we soon realized the true value of hiring Steve. His constant attention to detail resulted in an efficient process and a high quality home. I had contractors telling me without fail that they would hire Steve to build their own home because he is so meticulous. He anticipated problems before they became conflicts, and delivered the house on the date he promised.

I have recommended Steve to anyone I know who is going to build or remodel their home. I have had friends who decided not to go with Steve regret their decision. We have been in our house over seven years and we still love it. If I have any problems with the home, I still call Steve first; even some of my neighbors who had problems with their contractors have used Steve for repairs. He even stopped by once to help me place some supports for my waterbed.

Steve Lenzmeier is a man of high integrity who really cares about the product he delivers and we remain friends to this day.

Cristy and John Cole
Tempe, AZ

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